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Hudson Valley Hospital is a 128-bed hospital based in Cortlandt Manor, New York, with six satellite locations and 1,300 employees. The manual temperature monitoring system they were using was insufficient, so they were interested in updating it with a solution that would also produce reports for various organizations such as The Joint Commission and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The hospital also wanted to avoid the costly inventory losses they had witnessed at nearby hospitals. These other hospitals had needed to dispose of large amounts of inventory, costing them thousands of dollars, due to a lack of automated temperature monitoring.


Offering affordability and scalability

While researching different automated temperature monitoring products, Hudson Valley Hospital found AssureTemp™ by EoScene, a web-based application featuring 24/7 temperature data collection, multilevel notification via page, text and email, and extensive documentation for a complete audit trail. They liked AssureTemp particularly because compared to other solutions, it satisfied more needs, cost less and allowed scalability.


Easing implementation

Hudson Valley Hospital found AssureTemp easy to install, as it seamlessly integrated with their existing network. Furthermore, it is easy to use, after requiring only minimal training. Each person learned how to respond to alerts and retrieve reports in only 10 minutes.


Enabling effectiveness and efficiency

Since implementing AssureTemp, Hudson Valley Hospital has experienced a dramatic improvement in temperature management. The frequency of reading temperatures has increased from twice per day to once every 30 minutes. They no longer miss readings, and can predict the failure of some devices to avert sizable inventory losses. Ultimately, AssureTemp has enabled the hospital to effectively and efficiently monitor the temperature of critical devices while simultaneously producing accurate and thorough reports of past events and responses.


Focusing on temperature monitoring

EoScene and AssureTemp help pharmacists, safety and life safety officers, and compliance officers everywhere advance temperature monitoring and comply with regulations. To learn more, visit