aultman hospital

Before EoScene

Aultman Hospital is a 682-bed hospital in Canton, Ohio, whose 5,000 employees serve Stark and surrounding counties. They were using a lengthy spreadsheet-driven process to manage their environment of care hazard surveillance rounds, when they decided to seek an automated solution for managing data and generating real-time reports.


Enabling easier and more efficient management

Aultman Hospital ultimately chose the EoScene eCMS™ Compliance Management Solution, a suite of web-based tools that enable organizations to more easily and efficiently manage their environment of care. They chose it in particular to digitize their inspection process and generate certain reports while simplifying system management for the staff.


Simplifying use and reporting

After quickly deploying the ecRounds™ module of eCMS, the hospital found that they only needed to conduct minimal training for their 10-member surveillance team. Using iPads, the team can easily complete the online hazard surveillance template while walking the floor.

Minutes after survey completion, the managers receive a report showing what is wrong, where it is wrong, who did the inspection and what they need to do to correct it. Furthermore, the system lets the 150 people on the hospital’s leadership team personalize their reports, so they can easily see them reflected the way they want.


Facilitating quick ROI

Following implementation, the hospital saw their hazard surveillance process improve immediately. Specifically, it helped decrease the amount of time they spent on paperwork from 35 minutes to 23 minutes, and increase their deficiency correction rate from 40% to 85%. Additionally, the compliance rate increased from 78% to 96%, and the number of completed inspections increased from about 300 to about 1,800 per year while minimally increasing the time spent on them.


Facilitiating compliance

With eCMS in place, Aultman Hospital was ready for an unannounced Joint Commission survey just months after the implementation. The survey team was impressed, commenting on how well prepared and clean their floors were, without clutter stacked to the ceilings or sitting in hallways, and that they did not have any environmental deficiencies.


Focusing on environment of care

EoScene and eCMS help hospital administrators, compliance officers, team leaders, facility managers, safety directors and heads of clinical engineering everywhere comply with regulations and improve quality of care. To learn more, visit